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Wild Morel Mushrooms identification

Updated: May 2, 2019

The first of the seasons Wild Mushrooms is soon to be with us. The Morel mushroom is the first wild mushroom of the season and is a delicious way to kick off the Mushroom picking season as well!

Morel Mushroom Identification
Morel Mushroom

The Morel is not a common mushroom and can be extremely difficult to find however don’t let this put you off as the rewards are excellent and there is nothing like a Morel dinner!

For example, try my delicious Chicken Breast with Morels recipe. So good.

The Morel mushroom season is Spring (March to May) and can be found after rain, they must have moisture to start showing. The Morel doesn’t look like a typical mushroom, its cap looks like a pitted sponge and usually is brown in colour however, the colour can vary from black to yellow. The cap is conical in shape and sits on top of a stout creamy white stem which can reach up to 10cm in height.

We aren’t the only creatures who consider this mushroom to be gourmet many insects do as well so if you are lucky enough to find some then make sure that you gently shake out anything that might be living in there and dust off any dust or soil that may be clinging to the base – please try to avoid washing them and always cook Morel’s they are only edible when cooked!

Now the big question…. Where do you find Morel Mushrooms??

In their natural habitat they can be found in woodland, near trees and hedgerows and they often grow in land that has been previously burned. They have also taken up residence in our towns and cities and can be readily found in Rose beds and in areas that have been covered in bark.

Now, other than finding them we have another difficulty the Morel will pop up and then disappear within a couple of days, once they have appeared they will not show again. So if you know where Morel’s have been found before, keep a close eye on the spot and regularly check it.. As they could appear any day!

The best part is cooking and eating Morel mushrooms so when I have my first batch I’ll report back and let you know what Morel Mushroom recipes I have created. In the meantime if you have heard of any please comment so others can see that the first little beauties are here, if not link back, become a fan and stay in touch as they’ll be here soon!

Always be careful when picking Wild Mushrooms and never eat them unless you are 100% that they are indeed the right species and perfectly safe to eat.

Learn about the Morel look-a-like, the False Morel by clicking the link.

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