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Wild Food and Ingredients

Sometimes you can simply not get enough of a good thing. If you missed out on your wild food favourite or want to top up your larder you'll find a whole host of wild food and ingredients here, already prepared for you. Dried mushrooms to more unusual wild foods, check out our selection and eat wild! 

Not ready to find your own or did you miss the season? Get fresh wild mushrooms delivered to your door. 

Dried mushrooms are a mainstay of the wild cooks larder. Cook with wild mushrooms all year around with these delicious dried mushrooms. 

The mighty truffle, need we say more? Get wild truffles and truffle oils for that exquisite flavour of the wild. 

From birch water to dried fruits. Fill up your pantry with nature's amazing bounty. Explore a whole host of delicious wild foods. 

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