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Foraging Equipment and Kit

Where would a forager be without their trusty trug? If you are a forager you'll need some basic pieces of kit, gear and equipment. From collecting to carrying, storing to slicing we have put together some great equipment collections for you to see. Get the very best of foraging equipment and kit today. 

Made from sustainable willow these trusty trugs are available in all sizes. Perfect for carrying your haul of foraged food. 

Make swift work of picking berries with this selection of fantastic berry pickers. 

Store and collect your haul in these reusable bags, pouches and boxes. 

Beautiful mushrooms knives to suit even the most picky of mushroom hunters. 

Enjoy the fun of crayfishing with this great selection of crayfish pots and traps. 

Start Sea Fishing from the Beach or Spinning for bass with these great Sea Fishing Kits. 

Spend time in the outdoors? Make sure that you always have the right accessories. Get the right survival kit and first aid kits. 

Get multi purpose tools and knives that will help you to improve your bushcraft. 

Learn to forage with this great selection of foraging books.

Discover Mushroom hunting and how to recognise the poisonous and edible species with these great mushroom hunting books.

Improve your bushcraft and survival techniques, make sure you have the right kit, with this great selection of books. 

Introduce foraging to your kids, promote safety with wild food, get your children into the great outdoors. 

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