Mushroom Hunting Books

Mushroom hunting can be so much fun but you have to have an in depth knowledge of edible and poisonous mushrooms here in the UK. Start to learn Mushroom hunting with this great selection of books, as ever we have selected some of the most popular mushroom hunting books. Build your knowledge and your bookcase with this great selection of mushroom books from our Amazon store. 

From £15.99
Mushrooms: River Cottage
From £12.48
Edible Mushrooms Guide UK
From £24.99
Magic Mushroom Growers Guide
From £10.95
Complete Mushroom Book
From £3.87
Collins Fungi Guide
From £15.72
Complete Mushroom Hunter
From £13.88
Mushroom Hunting
From £6.63
Mushrooms and Truffles
From £17.82
Discovering the British Truffle
From £12.00
Pocket Guide to Wild Mushrooms
From £8.99
The Mushroom Feast
From £12.99
   To buy one of these great Mushroom Hunting books simply click the image and checkout via Amazon. 
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