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Preserving Equipment

You have your foraged haul and now you need to preserve it. Whether you are making jams and chutneys to drying your wild foods at home, here you'll find the know how and the equipment to do it. Start preserving your wild foods and enjoy them all year around with the very best home preserving equipment. 

Everybody loves to make jams and chutneys. Seel up the goodness of your wild fruits and vegetables with these great jam and chutney making kits. 

Get the best dehydrators and preserving equipment here. From sealers to dehydrators we have all of the preserving appliances that you'll need. 

Seal in the freshness with these reusable glass jars and bottles. 

There is a whole host of knowledge still to learn. We have a wide range of books on preserving that will provide you with limitless recipes to enjoy. 

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