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The Wild Foodie - Discover Wild Food

The Wild Foodie is a place where foodies who like to live on the wild side can enjoy. Follow my Wild Food adventures on my blog, buy great books from our shop or check out what is in season now in our Wild Food calendar. If you like to create great dishes from ingredients foraged and harvested yourself then this is the place for you. Remember to sign up to our newsletter and get more Wild Food news in your inbox. Always follow the Wild Food and Foragers code below. 

The Wild Foodie

Wild Food and Foragers code: 

  1. Never consume wild food unless you are 100% sure of its identification. There are plants and fungi out there that can kill you. 

  2. Do not take more than you need. 

  3. Do not pick endangered species. 

  4. Do not trespass to forage for wild food. 

  5. Leave no trace behind and respect nature. 

  6. Do not pick the roots. Be sustainable.

  7. Never pick in places subjected to pollution. 

  8. Use a knife / pair of scissors to harvest. 

  9. Always be cautious when trying new wild foods. Sometimes your body will have intolerances. Totally avoid consuming wild food if you have medical conditions, are pregnant or breastfeeding.

  10. Share your knowledge. Like us! 

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