Jam and Chutney Making

Love making Jam and Chutney? Here we have a great selection of the very best jam and chutney making equipment. From kits to single pans, sugar thermometers to covering kits. If you love making and preserving your wild harvest then we definitely have the right equipment for you. To purchase simply click your favourite item and check out at our Amazon store. 

Jam or Chutney Making Kit Kilner
From £76.00
Induction Jam or Chutney Making Kit
From £49.99
Preserving Pan 9L Stainless Steel
From £28.65
Pectin Powder
From £6.95
Jam funnel Stainless Steel
From £6.25
Jam Straining Set
From £5.43
Kilner Wax Discs (200)
From £1.39
Fabric Jam Covering Kits (x8)
From £4.89
Jam Thermometer
From £5.99
   To buy any of this Jam or Chutney Making Equipment simply click the image and checkout via Amazon. 
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