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Learn more about Foraging with this great selection of Foraging Books. We love to read about Foraging so we have included below some of our favourite and most useful Foraging books and guides. If you are starting out foraging or you are an experienced forager there is books here for every level of keen wild foodie. Take a look below and then you can buy from our Amazon shop. 

Wild Food
This best selling book by Roger Phillips is truly one of the best foraging guide books available. UK Bestseller. A must have book!

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Food for Free
Another classic but this time pocket sized 'must have' Foraging book. Written by Richard Mabey, packed with great illustrations.

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The Forager Handbook
Learn to identify wild foods from cliff top to woodland with this complete guide to the Edible plants of Britain. Author Miles Irving.

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From £21.00
The Thrifty Forager
Made to accompany the TV series Alys Fowler (BBC Gardeners World) talks identification through to recipes from foraged goods.

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The Edible City
This inspiring book teaches you how to make the most of our urban spaces and cities. Urban foraging guide.

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The Garden Forager
There are so many plants that are edible in your own back garden. Learn which ones are edible and delicious with the Garden Forager.

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River Cottage book No. 7. This neat little book is yet another great guide to the goodies found in British hedgerows.

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Gill Meller (River cottage) takes you on a culinary ourney of wild food. Over 120 recipes this book also won the Fortnum & Mason debut book award.

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Tales from a Foragers Kitchen
This foragers ultimate field guide lays out wild foods of the UK in stunning detail. Another great book for the collection.

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Foraging for Wild Foods
Foraging for Wild Foods written by David Squire takes you on a journey of self sufficiency and teaches how to claim your own wild food bounty.

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The Creative Forager
From salads to stews, Jeremy Puma (Seattle) teaches you to identify and cook delicious meals from wild foods.

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Adventures in Edible Plant Foraging
How to find, identify, harvest and prepare wild foods are all taken of in this wonderful book from Karen Monger.

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Never Mind the Burdocks
Learn how to forage 365 days a year with this seasonal guide to wild food and foraging.

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Develop your foraging skills with monthly inspiration, but also make your own notes with this part guide, diary and journal.

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The Urbane Forager
Focusing on foraged fruit and nuts, this humorous book is packed with recipes and wild preserves. A fantastic book & guide.

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Foraging for Beginners
New to foraging? This step by step guide from Helen Simon will teach you to forage safely one step at a time.

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Foragers Journal
Keep a record of your wild food finds with this blank but lined foragers journal.

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Nettle Cookbook
The humble, yet superfood, that is the nettle is put on a pedestal in this great book. Lots of recipe inspiration. Fab book.

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