Berry and Fruit Pickers

Collecting your fruits has never been so easy with this amazing selection of berry and fruit pickers. From fruit pickers that will help you to gather the highest fruits, to nut and apple rollers and berry pickers. We have selected the very best berry and fruit pickers to make your foraging that bit more easy. To buy simply click your favourite picker and then purchase from our Amazon shop. 

Nutleys Wooden Berry Picker
From £13.95
Lightweight Telescopic Fruit Picker
From £22.99
YooCook Small Berry Picker
From £13.77
A+ Berry Comb Wooden Fruit Picker
From £11.02
Roll Bin Nut Collector
From £24.99
Small Berry Picker
From £13.59
KitchenCraft Berry Picker
From £9.99
Mechanical Grabber Fruit Picker
From £12.90
Marjuka Berry Fruit  Picker with Metal forks
From £19.50
   To buy one of these great Fruit Pickers simply click the image and checkout via Amazon. 
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