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Mushroom Knives

Mushroom and Foraging Knives

Get the Best Mushroom Knife

Where would the mushroom hunter be without their trusty mushroom knife? Find below some of the best mushroom knives available today. From the very best japanese steel to the more economical purchase, these are some of the best mushroom and foraging knives that you can buy today. To purchase or find out more about this great selection of mushroom knives simply click the image and then review or purchase from our Amazon store. 

Mushroom Knife with Brush

Here are some of our  favourite knives. There's a fantastic selection here if you're looking for the perfect gift your favourite mushroom forager in your life or buying for yourself. These knives are made specifically for mushroom picking.  They have a brush for cleaning your bounty in addition to the folding blade.

Mushroom and Foraging Knife

Lightweight, foldaway steel blades from the very best brands. With curved blades, a foraging knife, sometimes known as a pruning knife will make for easy harvesting and when you are finished will foldaway and return to your pocket.  Choose from oak or beech handles, or just go with your favourite brand. 

Opinel Knives

Opinel make classic multi-use folding pocket knives made of strong, long-lasting carbon steel. The top pick for the best Opinel knife is the Opinel No. 8 Carbon Blade Folding Knife, however the no.6 is a solid blade and the OPinel muushroom knife also comes with a brush built-in. 

Best Mushroom Knives

Fancy spoiling yourself? Then why not go for a handmade steel blade or the fine steel of Japan. Crafted for looks and performance, these exceptionally sharp blades come with sheaths that can be attached to your built for easy carrying and access. Get a great looking mushroom knife that looks great and with a blade that never dulls. 

Mushroom Hunting Kit

From the very best mushroom bags to books, make your mushroom hunting kit complete with these little extras. Mushroom bags that keep your haul protected, but continue to spread spawn as you walk, plus mushroom hunting books. Finish of your forays in style with these perfect little extras. Looking for a bigger sleection of books? Click the link to see the latest mushroom foraging books

What is a forager knife?

A foraging knife has a curved curved stainless-steel blade, allowing for easy harvesting of mushrooms and other forage. Making your cuts clean and leaving the mushroom to return another year. Or for neatly harvesting bunches of wild garlic. The curved blade makes it easier to harvest all of your favourite wild foods. 

Are mushroom knives legal in UK?

Carrying a knife or multitool when foraging is only plain sense, but this is where UK law comes back to get us. So, according to the legislation (Criminal Justice Act 1988), carrying any highly pointed or bladed item in public, excluding a folding pocketknife, is illegal. It is unlawful to carry a knife in public unless it has a folding blade with a cutting edge 3 inches or less." When harvesting mushrooms, all of the above knives are under 3 inches, and therefore legal. Although you will have to prove age on checkout (18+).

Why do mushroom knives have brushes?

It has a curved blade for cutting delicate mushrooms and a boars hair brush on the end to remove any dust or dirt. Ideal for foraging mushrooms such as morels, chanterelles, porcinis, oyster mushrooms, and more!

What is the best opinel knife for foraging?

Opinel blades are machined to be ultra-thin. Although a thick blade, such as those seen on most modern or military knives, can be beneficial and manage more hard work, the great bulk of cutting is best done with a thin blade.The Opinel N°08 mushroom knife is the ultimate foraging tool although for mushroom hunters, the mushroom hunting knife is a more popular multi-tool.

   To buy one of these Mushroom Knives simply click the image and checkout via Amazon. 
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