Mushroom Knives

Where would the mushroom hunter be without their trusty mushroom knife? Find below some of the best mushroom knives available today. From the very best Japanese steel to the more economical purchase, these are some of the best mushroom and foraging knives that you can buy today. To purchase or find out more about this great selection of mushroom knives simply click the image and then review or purchase from our Amazon store. Happy Mushroom hunting! 

Mushroom Field Knife
From £15.63
Japanese Steel Mushroom Knife with Leather Sheath
From £39.97
Ausonia 26300 Mushroom Knife
From £7.07
Mushroom Multifunction Knife with Leathercase
From £29.90
The Leopard Mushroom Knife
From £16.95
Opinel Steel Lock Knife
From £19.95
Opinel Mushroom Knife
From £19.62
Truffle Slicer
From £9.87
Sagaform Mushroom Knife in Canvas Holdall
From £39.13
   To buy one of these Mushroom Knives simply click the image and checkout via Amazon. 
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