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Grow your own Mushrooms

UK made Mushroom Growing Kit

Grow your own edible and wild mushrooms 

Fancy having your own personal patch of chanterelles or porcini? It is possible, given the right conditions, to grow your own wild mushrooms here in the UK. This can be done in your own garden or space. Choose spores, seeds and plugs to create your own wild mushroom patch. Grow your own mushrooms by purchasing one of these great kits. Simply click the mushroom that you would like to grow and purchase from our Amazon shop. 

Indoor Mushroom Growing Kit

Growing mushrooms indoors allows you to grow mushrooms all year around. Mushrooms prefer dark, cool, and humid growing conditions. An area like your basement is perfect for growing mushrooms at home, but a spot on a shelf will also work. Check the temperature of your growth area before you begin growing and enjoy a whole host of flavours and colours from the many, delicious types of gourmet mushrooms that you can grow in your own home.

Outdoor Mushroom Growing Kit

Growing mushrooms outside is a terrific way to get started with fungus. You can grow wild mushrooms on logs if you have a patch of woods or shady corner, converting wood into food. If you already have a garden with a shady spot, adding a mushroom bed and growing some porcini or chanterelle not only helps soil health but also provides another crop to nurture from spawn to dinner table.

In the UK, we can grow mushrooms on logs, in beds or in conjunction with trees requires different mediums. Certain fungus prefer certain substrates, just as certain plants prefer certain soils. Explore both choices below to decide whether you'd rather be in the field or the forest.

Straw Log Mushroom Growing Kit 

A true, hungry, mushroom enthusiast's choice. Easy to use, these straw log growing kits yield enough oyster mushrooms for several family meals. The 9 holes in the log will fruit mushrooms at different times, resulting in a continuous stream of mushrooms with up to 4 yields per hole. Simple to cultivate, You might be gathering your very own organically cultivated oyster mushrooms in as little as 21 days. Grown with precisely picked spawn for the tastiest and largest gourmet oyster mushrooms.

Mushroom Spawn

Superior mushroom spawn. A wonderful and straightforward place to begin for anyone interested in growing their own mushrooms or even selling their own mushrooms. In as little as 3-5 weeks, you can enjoy your first crop. Grows nicely on both typical and unique substrates. A fantastic first time grow for both amateurs and professionals.

Mushroom Growing Books

Learn how to cultivate mushrooms without the trial and error and benefit from others' learnings. An excellent mushroom growing book authored by an experienced mushroom grower will help you avoid frequent pitfalls and make the learning process easier.

Get detailed instructions, step-by-step guidance, and photographs to take you through each stage of the mushroom growing process.

Why grow your own mushrooms?

Cultivating your own mushrooms offers a rewarding and sustainable way to connect with nature while enjoying a plethora of benefits. By cultivating mushrooms at home, you gain control over the entire process, ensuring the use of organic methods and avoiding harmful pesticides. This practise promotes self-sufficiency, as you can harvest fresh and nutritious mushrooms right from your own space, reducing your reliance on store-bought produce. Additionally, cultivating mushrooms fosters a deeper understanding of fungal biology and the intricate relationship between organisms and their environment, making it an educational and fulfilling hobby that empowers you to contribute positively to both your well-being and the planet's health. Grow mushrooms at home and you'll be able to gather handfuls of fresh fungi to toss into your favourite dishes. Choose your favourite mushrooms from the list above, which include white button mushrooms, lion's mane, and the delicious umami flavour of shitake, among others.

How to grow mushrooms at home

Using mushroom growing kits can simplify the process of cultivating mushrooms both indoors and outdoors, making it accessible to beginners and those with limited space. Indoor kits typically come with pre-inoculated substrate that's ready to fruit, often resembling a block or bag of inoculated material. These kits offer convenience and consistent conditions, requiring minimal effort to set up. They're ideal for people with limited outdoor space or those who want to observe the growth process up close. Outdoor kits, on the other hand, can include materials like logs, wood chips, or compost that are inoculated with mushroom mycelium. These kits integrate well with outdoor landscapes and can yield larger harvests, but they require more time and patience as they follow the natural seasonal cycle of mushroom growth. If you're just starting out, a windowsill kit is a terrific place to start; alternatively, grow mushrooms from spawn using colonised plugs hammered into holes drilled in any new log. Or be more adventurous and seed wood or forest floor with chanterelle, porcini and morel. 

How quickly do mushrooms grow?

The rate at which mushrooms from mushroom growing kits can grow varies depending on factors such as the mushroom species, growing conditions, and the specific kit being used. Indoor kits, designed for convenience and control, often provide accelerated growth compared to outdoor kits. Mushrooms from indoor kits can start to emerge within a few weeks after set-up, offering a relatively swift and satisfying harvest. Outdoor kits, especially those involving logs or wood-based substrates, tend to follow a more natural timeline, which can span several months before the first flush of mushrooms appears. While indoor kits prioritise quicker results due to controlled conditions, outdoor kits offer the opportunity to experience the gradual, seasonal progression of mushroom growth, adding an element of anticipation and connection to the surrounding environment.In summary, windowsill kits, can begin to yield in a couple of weeks; other types, such as lion's mane, can take up to 18 months to fruit, outdoor mushrooms such as truffle, porcini and chanterelle can take even longer to bare fruit. Expect logs and plugs repeat their yield for several years.

How do I care for my mushrooms?

All of the kits, spawn, and plugs come with detailed instructions to ensure the best possible outcomes. We have also chosen a great range of mushroom cultivation books so that you can also advance your learnings and benefit from others experience.

Mushrooms are a lot of fun to cultivate and care for, and they yield a lot of delicious food. The kits, spawn and plugs are chosen from the very best suppliers, we wish you the most delicious of luck growing your own gourmet mushrooms. 

   To buy one of these great Wild Mushroom growing kits simply click the image and checkout via Amazon. 
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