More Wild Foods

There are so many Wild foods available that we haven't been able to include them all. But we have saved some of our favourites below. From Tea to Birch Water, Dried Superfoods and Berries to Seaweed. Stock up on your favourite or try something new with this fantastic selection of Wild Foods. 

Wild Sage Cretan 15g
From £3.00
Wild Chamomile Tea 250g
From £8.00
Wild Rose Buds Tea 50g
From £6.99
Sea Lettuce Seaweed Flakes 4oz
From £12.99
Bladderwrack Flakes Seaweed 4oz
From £12.99
Wild Blueberries Freeze Dried 100g
From £9.80
Dried Angelica root 100g
From £3.99
Dandelion Root Tea 5 pack
From £13.30
Wild Thyme Cretan 15g
From £3.00
Wild Lettuce Dried 15g Foods
From £8.91
Wild Oregano Greek 80g
From £7.99
Birch Water 12 x 250ml
From £19.99
   To buy any of these Wild Foods simply click the image and checkout via Amazon. 
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