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The Chanterelle Mushroom and the false Chanterelle mushroom

Updated: May 2, 2019

The Chanterelle Mushroom and the false Chanterelle mushroom

The Chanterelle mushroom is possibly one of the best eating mushrooms in the world, in my opinion only second to the fresh Penny Bun otherwise known as a Cep.

The Chanterelle is also one of the most well know of all edible fungi and is eaten throughout mainland Europe. However, despite being well known and commonly recognised there is a particular species known as the ‘False Chanterelle’ which is sometimes eaten by mistake.

The question is how do you identify the true from the false Chanterelle?

The true Chanterelle Identification:

True Chanterelle identification guide
The True Chanterelle

The key features of the true Chanterelle is the funnel shaped cap that is lacking in true gills. In mature Chanterelles the cap edges seem to fold upwards as if through pushing to hard to grow through the earth. The cap has a depression in the centre and with an irregular wavy edge. The Chanterelle sometimes has a faint apricot’y or almond’y smell and when you try to peel the top of the mushroom the skin will not easily come off. The Chanterelle can be found in broad leaved woodland and is easily distinguishable from the woodland floor by its egg yolky yellow colour.

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The false Chantelle Identification:

False Chanterelle Identification guide
False Chanterelle

The false Chanterelles distinguishing difference is the fact that it has clear and distinct gills that do not reunite with each other. The False Chanterelle is also more frequent in conifer woodland Pine/Heather Heaths or sometimes Birch. This time the thin cap has an in-rolled margin and the mushroom is usually more orangey in colour without a fruity sweet smell and is usually bigger than the Chanterelle.

There are also many other mushrooms that are similar to the true Chanterelle all of which are poisonous these include the Meadow Waxcap, Hedgehog Fungus and the Jack ‘o Lantern.

Always take advice when you are picking mushrooms and never eat them unless you are absolutely 100% that the mushroom you have picked is the actual mushroom you think it is! This guide is not enough.

Chanterelle mushrooms are one of the best eating mushrooms available to the UK forager, so go out and find an experienced mushroom expert near you and start learning how to find them yourself.

Oh.. And stay posted for more Wild Mushroom recipes!

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