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St George's Mushrooms in a creamy sauce with Wild Sorrel on toast

Updated: May 6, 2023

If you are lucky enough to have found a patch of these delicious mushrooms why not try this simple but yummy recipe.

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St George Mushrooms and Wild Sorrel recipe
St George Mushrooms and Wild Sorrel

St George's Mushrooms in a creamy sauce with Wild Sorrel on toast


Handful of Wild Sorrel leaves

Tbsp of Garlic Mustard Butter

2 Tbsp Mascarpone Cheese

Splash of White Wine

Maldon Salt

Black Pepper

4 Slices of Great Bread (I had a fantastic Rye Bread that I had just bought from a Farmers Market earlier that day)

From the garden:

Small bunch of Lemon Thyme

Serves two - This is so simple and was created when I got back from a long day shopping and foraging for my favourite foods!!

Imagine the scene.. Fresh in from a long day walking around Farmers Markets and Woods, a long while since breakfast and a fresh basket of St George mushrooms in hand. The frying pan was on the gas before I even had my coat off!

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Cut thick slices of toast from your loaf and get them under a hot grill remembering to keep an eye on them!

Take your mushrooms and chop the big mushrooms into quarters and the smaller mushrooms into halves – obviously clean your mushrooms with a clean brush if necessary prior to chopping. Add a small amount of Olive Oil to the pan and add the Tbsp of Garlic Mustard Butter (a freezer staple in my house). Add the St George mushrooms when you can see the oil and butter is starting to smoke! Chop the Lemon Thyme and add that to the mushrooms. When the mushrooms are cooked start to take some colour season with Salt and Pepper and add a splash of white wine (allow the alcohol to boil off for 10 seconds) and then stir in the Mascarpone.

Allow the mixture to cook for a couple of minutes. Use this time to warm your plates and butter your toast.

Roughly chop your Wild Sorrel leaves. Check the seasoning of the sauce and then when about to serve stir in the Sorrel leaves. Pile the mushrooms high on the toast and make sure that the there is plenty of sauce to cover the mushrooms and the toast.


The creamy sauce, strong flavoured mushrooms, crunchy toast and the tangy lemony’ness of the Sorrel just works fantastically together! And the most perfect thing is it doesn’t take very long to make when you are come in from a long days foraging!!

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