Fishing the River Crouch January 2nd 2010

Fishing the River Crouch in January

Admittedly I haven’t reported my first fishing trip so I will quickly summarise my first trip of the year and the first stepping stone on the New Year mission..
Saturday the 2nd Jan on the River Crouch.

After receiving a new beach caster and reel for Christmas I needed to go out and try it out. I was off like most people until the week after new year and took the opportunity to go fishing!

January 2nd was not long after the snow had thawed and the River simply doesn’t fish when there is melt water running off of the land. I decided to go anyway and I was a lone soul standing on the end of Rice and Cole’s pontoon fishing on this icy cold January day. Although cold the day was stunning a light westerly wind and clear skies. I fished the flood tide from 10am in the morning until it turned at around 12:30pm.. I was using squid and mackerel as bait with a 2/0 hook on the beach caster – fishing wither a whole or half squid on the off chance that there may still be the odd whiting in the river and the smaller rod had a 3 hook paternoster fishing small baits for dabs.

The tide turned and still no bites, hours past and not a nibble..

I fished until sunset and only had a single knock on the rod which came right at the end of the session. It was a beautiful evening on the River Crouch as ever and as the sunset behind my view of Wallasea.

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