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Wild Rose Petal Jam Roly Poly

Updated: May 2, 2019

Its Mid-Winter, the nights are cold there isn't many fresh foods around let alone Wild Foods.. And my stomach yearns for the Spring to return! When you hit this point in the Winter there is only one thing to do, bring out the heavy hitters of Wild Comfort Food. This recipe utilises my Wild Rose Petal Jam, I don't make much with this as the amount of Wild Rose Petal Jam yielded from many hours of petal picking is relatively little. So when you do open a jar it's time to celebrate and use it in a pudding that repays those hard earned hours of picking.

Wild rose Roly Poly Recipes
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Wild Rose Petal Jam Roly Poly


50g salted butter, cold and cut into chunks, plus extra for greasing

250g self-raising flour , plus extra for rolling

1 vanilla pod, seeds scraped out

50g shredded suet

150ml milk, plus a drop more if needed

100g Wild Rose Petal Jam

This is a different cooking technique to the normal hours of steaming and for someone as clumsy as me in the kitchen.. Far more reliable!

Place a roasting tin in the bottom of the oven, place it in the middle we are going to bake the pudding above it. Fill to half way with boiling water from the kettle and heat oven to 180 degrees C.

To make the Roly Poly tip the butter, flour and vanilla seeds (scraped from the pod) into a food processor; pulse until the ingredients have been completely combined. Then place in a mixing bowl. Stir through the suet and the milk and work together to form a sticky dough. If the mix is dry add a little milk.

Tip the dough out onto a floured surface, combine into a round (not to much handling though), then roll out to a square roughly 25 x 25cm. Spread the Wild Rose Petal jam generously all over, leaving a gap along one edge, then roll up from the opposite edge. Pinch the jam-free edge into the dough where it meets, and pinch the ends roughly, too - making a huge fat swiss roll.

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To cook the pudding we need to create the perfect container, this is very easy. Tear off a large sheet of foil and also an equally big sheet of greaseproof paper (about 40 x 40cm each). Sit the greaseproof on top of the foil and butter it.

Carefully lift the pudding onto the greased paper, join-side down and loosely bring the paper and foil around it, then scrunch together along the edges and ends to seal into a huge gloriously jammy cigar shape. The Wild Rose Petal Jam roly-poly will puff up quite a bit during cooking so don't wrap it too tightly. Place the Roly Poly in the oven directly above the tin and cook for 1 hr.

When ready to serve take the Rose Petal Roly Poly out of the oven and allow to rest for 5 mins before unwrapping this will help it to hold together.

Now it's time to serve.. As you peel back the wrapping you'll get the first hit of jammy sweet steam. The pudding must be cut into thick slices so that the pink rings of the Wild Rose petal Jam are visible prior to being devoured. It is absolutely essential that you serve this pudding with custard, the worse the weather outside the better and more satisfying the pudding!!

British classic made with a sophisticated and most delightful Rose flavoured jam.. If you didn't make the jam last year make sure that this year you do, just for this once a year super treat!

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