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Wild Blackberry Clafoutis Recipe

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

I just can’t find enough ways to enjoy one of the most plentiful and superbly flavoured berries. That's why I have written so many recipes for blackberries, including my trio of blackberry desserts. Wild blackberries unlike their farmed cousins have a tartness that pairs beautifully with the sweet. This blackberry clafoutis recipe makes for about 8 dessert portions, it should be served warm with a generous scoop of cold vanilla ice cream.

What is a Clafoutis?

A clafoutis is a traditional French dessert that originated in the Limousin region. It is a baked dessert made with a simple batter of eggs, milk, flour, sugar, and a hint of vanilla. The batter is poured over a layer of fresh fruits, traditionally black cherries, although other fruits like blackberries, plums, peaches, or berries can be used as well.

When baked, the clafoutis forms a custard-like texture with a slightly crispy top. The fruit becomes soft and tender, creating a delightful contrast of textures. It is often served warm and dusted with icing sugar. Clafoutis is enjoyed as a dessert, but it can also be served as a breakfast or brunch dish. Its simplicity and versatility have made it a popular treat both in France and around the world.

Why use Wild Blackberries in your Clafoutis?

While black cherries are the traditional choice for clafoutis, blackberries can be a wonderful alternative. Blackberries offer a sweet and slightly tart flavour that pairs well with the custardy batter. Wild blackberry has a soft and juicy texture that adds a delightful element to the dessert. In terms of appearance, the dark purple or black colour of blackberries creates an appealing contrast against the light-coloured batter.

Wild Blackberry Clafoutis Recipe
Wild Blackberries

Wild Blackberry Clafoutis Recipe

So here it is, in my view the best fruit to use in a clafoutis, the wild blackberry.


8 Organic Free Range eggs

150g Caster Sugar

150g Honey

150g of Plain Flour

200g Butter

Small pinch of Maldon Salt

½ Tsp Baking Powder

Some additional caster sugar for dusting

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees, you’ll need a square baking dish about 30cm x 30cm.

So simple! So easy, so delicious. The name hints at an extremely hard to create dessert that you can imagine patisseries crafting over in order to make it. The reality is that you stick it in a bowl, stir it up and cook.

In a large mixing bowl crack the eggs and beat. Then stir in the sugar, salt, flour and softened butter mixing well and making sure that all of the ingredients are well combined. When you are sure of this add the baking powder and make sure that this is also well combined.

Grease a baking tin with some extra butter, be generous the last thing you want to happen is for the clafoutis to stick! Now pour your clafoutis mix into the well greased dish. Now take your wild blackberry and distribute them evenly over the cake mix making sure that some are completely submerged, some part submerged and some floating on the surface.

Bake in the oven for 30 minutes until you have a light just crispy top and the sponge is set. When cooked allow to cool slightly and then lightly dust with a little extra caster sugar, slice and serve. So easy, and a great way to eat the humble blackberry!

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