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Any Fish Stew

Updated: May 2, 2019

The reason that I love fishing is the surprise.. You simply never know what you are going to catch. In the winter most sea fisherman are hypnotised by the call of the cod. Although I will have a rod that targets the larger species such as the cod I will also have a rod that targets other equally tasty but smaller species. This stew is perfect for one of those trips where you caught one of these or a small one of that. Any fish will do. So if you are a fisherman why not keep species such as Dab, Whiting or even Pouting (in the Summer try different species then too) and try this recipe .If you aren't a fisherman try buying other less popular species, you never know you may be pleasantly surprised!

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Any Fish Stew Recipes
A Fisherman's catch of Cod, Whiting and Dab

Any Fish Stew


2 Tbsps Olive Oil

2 Medium Onions, Peeled chopped

1 Tin of Anchovies (in oil, not salted)

1 Can of Tomatoes

1/2 Tsp Smoked Sweet Paprika

150ml of Fish Stock

150ml of White Wine

Tsp of Sherry Vinegar

2 Medium Potatoes Cut into chunks

750g Filleted Fish (Any fish!! Use different species, take the weight off of the more off of the under threat species)

Small tub of Crayfish Tails (you can use Prawns if you like)

2 Tsp Capers

Maldon Salt

Black Pepper

From the Garden:

Small bunch of Curly Parsley

In a frying pan heat the Olive Oil and then gently fry the onions (with a pinch of salt) until cooked but not coloured. Whilst the onions are cooking take the Anchovies from the pack and roughly chop, add these to the onions (with a little of the oil) and stir in so that they dissolve into the hot oil.

Now add the tomatoes, paprika, wine and fish stock and simmer for about 10 minutes, tasting and correcting the seasoning as the sauce reduces slightly.

Depending on what fish you have got add the more solid fish, to the sauce now. Add whole fillets or sections. If the fish has a skin allow to cook slightly and then gently peel off in the pan as the fillets begin to cook. Next add the softer fish, crayfish tails, the capers and the Sherry Vinegar cook for 5 minutes until the fish is cooked (any bones or skin should be removed now!), try and leave the fish in large chunks.

The final act is to roughly chop some parsley and stir it through the sauce. Simple!

This quick simple any fish stew is a delight served with just crusty bread or if you are a little more hungry how about some lemon rice.

Remember if you love fish, try an diversify the species that you catch and / or eat!

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