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Trio of Blackberry Desserts; Blackberry Sorbet, Blackberry Mousse, Soused Blackberry Crumble

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

The blackberry or bramble. I like to cook and write recipes about more unusual foods and secret tastes long forgotten but there is something about this famous berry that draws me back and back. You never feel confident that you have made enough blackberry jam during the season and as the season comes around again you always run out! It is for this reason I wanted to do something a little more special, a dinner party dish to celebrate this delicious berry, so here it is.. A trio of blackberry desserts, perfect for entertaining your friends and family!

Trio of blackberry desserts
Plentiful Blackberries

Why Serve a Trio of Desserts?

Serving a trio of desserts can add a delightful touch to any meal or occasion. There are several reasons why you should treat your guests to more than one sweet offering.

Firstly, offering a trio of desserts provides a diverse range of tastes and flavours. By presenting a variety of dessert options, you can cater to different preferences and create an exciting culinary experience. For example, you might include a decadent chocolate dessert, a refreshing fruit-based option, and a lighter, more delicate choice. This assortment allows guests to indulge in different flavours and textures, satisfying their cravings and providing a well-rounded dessert experience.

Secondly, the visual appeal of a trio of desserts is hard to resist. Placing three distinct desserts on a single plate or a dessert platter can create a stunning display. The combination of various colours, shapes, and sizes not only adds visual interest but also makes the desserts more enticing. This is especially advantageous for special occasions or when you want to impress your guests with an elegant and visually pleasing dessert spread.

Lastly, serving a trio of desserts can be seen as a culinary adventure. It adds an element of excitement and surprise to the dining experience. Guests get to explore and discover different flavours, textures, and combinations, which enhances their overall enjoyment. It creates a sense of anticipation and satisfaction as they try each dessert and compare their unique qualities. It also provides the cook with an opportunity to show off the very best of an ingredient. In this case, flavours and textures of blackberry.

Combining desserts enhances the dining experience. It provides a contrast in textures and flavours, visually appealing presentations, customisation options, and encourages delicious culinary exploration.

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Why serve a Mousse with a Sorbet and a Crumble?

Combining a blackberry sorbet, blackberry mousse, and blackberry crumble as a trio of desserts provides a delightful focus on textures and temperatures and the ways that you can use this luscious fruit. Here's why this combination works well:

Texture Variety: The trio offers a pleasing range of textures. The blackberry sorbet brings a refreshing and smooth consistency, providing a light and icy sensation. The blackberry mousse introduces a creamy and velvety texture that melts in the mouth, allowing the flavours to shine. The crumble adds a delightful crunch with its buttery and crumbly streusel topping, contrasting the softness of the blackberry filling and in this case, gives you a shot of booze. The combination of these textures creates a delightful contrast and adds an enjoyable dimension to each bite.

Temperature Contrast: Incorporating desserts with different temperatures enhances the dessert experience. Serving the blackberry sorbet chilled offers a cool and refreshing element that cleanses the palate. In contrast, the blackberry mousse can be served slightly chilled or at room temperature, providing a creamy and indulgent contrast to the sorbet. The warm blackberry crumble fresh from the oven delivers comforting aromas and a cozy touch. The interplay of temperatures adds excitement and sensory stimulation to the dessert trio.

Flavour Cohesion: The trio showcases the vibrant and fruity flavours of blackberries. The blackberry sorbet captures the essence of fresh blackberries, providing a tangy and refreshing taste. The blackberry mousse amplifies the sweetness and richness of the fruit, offering a creamy and luxurious flavour. The blackberry crumble highlights the natural sweetness and tartness of the blackberries, accentuated by the caramelised topping. The cohesive blackberry flavour across the trio creates a harmonious and satisfying dessert experience.

Visual Harmony: Presenting the blackberry sorbet, mousse, and crumble together creates an appealing visual display. The rich purple colour of the blackberries adds a vibrant and eye-catching element to the dessert trio. The contrasting textures and temperatures contribute to an enticing and visually dynamic presentation, inviting guests to indulge in the delicious blackberry creations.

A Trio of Blackberry Recipes

Trio of Blackberry Desserts Blackberry Sorbet
Blackberry Sorbet

Blackberry Sorbet


500ml blackberries (ripe, soft berries)

Half a lemon

225g sugar (or honey)

125ml water

125ml double cream

First of all you have to remove the seeds from the blackberries, place them in a metal sieve and push them through with the back of a spoon (if you have firm small berries place them in a food processor and pulse them first) add the lemon juice and set aside. In a saucepan add the water and the sugar and boil for 3 minutes or so – basically we are making sugar syrup! Allow the sugar syrup to cool and when completely cool add it to your blackberry pulp. Lightly whip your cream and then fold it onto the the blackberry mixture. Pour the whole lot into a plastic container and then freeze until you have a granita or slushy mix. Whisk the forming sorbet before it sets solid and return to the freezer. Freeze until firm and that’s it.

Trio of Blackberry Desserts Blackberry Mousse
Blackberry Mousse

Blackberry Mousse


500g blackberries (ripe, soft berries)

125g sugar

1 lemon

Sachet of gelatine

150ml double cream

2 egg whites

Place your blackberries in a saucepan with the juice of a lemon and the sugar and cook for 5 minutes on a light simmer, we are just trying to break the berries down. Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly.

Make up your gelatine (according to the instructions), no more than a couple of tbsp’s of water.

Stir in the gelatine solution to the blackberries and pass through a fine metal sieve, the pips have no place in this dessert. Allow to cool and even start to set (only slightly though!).

Now whip your egg whites, and in a separate bowl lightly whip your cream. Fold each of these ingredients through the thickening blackberry mixture and then pour into a serving bowl of choice. Blackberry mousse done!

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Trio of Blackberry Desserts Soused Blackberry Crumble
Soused Blackberry Crumble

Soused Blackberry Crumble


½ kg blackberries

25g sugar

Sprinkle of cinnamon

Dash of sloe gin

75g plain flour

50g butter (soft)

Tbsp oats

2 Tbsp golden caster sugar

In a bowl place your blackberries, sugar, cinnamon and sloe gin. Stir and then place the mix in a suitable baking dish. In a separate bowl place your butter and flour and then start to pinch and drop the mix rubbing it between your fingers until a breadcrumb like mixture is achieved. Now add the oats and sugar to the breadcrumbs and still using your fingers rub it in. Now simply pour the crumble topping over the fruit and cook for 30 minutes in a hot oven (200 degrees). Take the crumble out only when the crumble mx is golden and toasted. The sloe gin adds the blackberries perfectly in this one and elevates the simple crumble to new tasty levels!!

Ok, so I have told you how to make all three desserts, but to elevate these dishes its all about the presentation. If you select the right dishes such setting your blackberry mousse in shot glasses, serving the crumble in small ornate white china bowls and serving the sorbet on a large spoon, with a little sprig of mint this hot, warm and cold blackberry dishes will wow your guests and be the perfect finish to any dinner.

Summing Up

Our trio of blackberry desserts brings together a refreshing blackberry sorbet, a creamy blackberry mousse, and a satisfying blackberry crumble. This combination offers a delightful variety of textures, a contrast between chilled and creamy elements, and a cohesive blackberry flavour profile. It creates an enticing and visually appealing dessert experience focused on the vibrant and luscious flavors of blackberries. We hope, if you make it, you and your friends and family enjoy it as much as we do!

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