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Prompted by a request for Stinging Nettle recipes, it wasn't until I looked at this blog I realised that I had been neglecting writing about this super of all Wild Foods, the Stinging Nettle. This recipe for Stinging Nettle and Potato cakes makes a great lunch, can be served as a side or smaller cakes can be made and used as a delicious party canape!

Stinging Nettle and Potato Cakes


1 large Potato, peeled and grated
200g Self Raising Flour
4 free-range Eggs
100ml Milk
Bowl of Stinging Nettle leaves
1 Lemon
Maldon salt
Black Pepper
50g Butter
Olive Oil

Firstly we need to wilt the Stinging Nettles and destroy the sting, so place the Stinging Nettle leaves in a pan place a heat under them and then add a little Olive Oil and a splash of hot water from the kettle, wilt the Stinging Nettles and cook for 5 minutes gently stirring. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.

Next prepare the potato by peeling and grating it. Place the grated potato, flour, eggs, and milk into a bowl and mix until well combined, you are after a consistency that is firm but will fall off a spoon.

When the Stinging Nettles have cooled enough to be handled, gently squeeze any liquid from them. Run a knife through the leaves to break them up an little and then add them along with a grating of Nutmeg to the potato mixture. Stir until well combined. Season generously.

To cook heat the butter and oil in a frying pan. Using your hands create palm sized patties and gently fry until golden brown on both sides. This mix should make 4 good sized cakes.

To serve, stack the spinach and potato cakes onto a serving plate and squeeze over the lemon juice... If you do make the little ones for parties, make a spicy little dipping sauce too, they are lovely!
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