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I am spoilt for choice where I live for these fantastic little Wild Fruits. Every hedgerow seems to have Damson, Bullace or Wild Plum, fantastic news for the cook in me, even better news for the preserver! This chutney is a cracker and goes with the more obvious pairings of cold and smoked meats but also adds a great lift to battered or fried vegetables.

Hot Yellow Damson Chutney


1 kg Yellow Damsons
1 Large White Onion
7cm finger of Ginger
3 Star Anise
350ml White Wine Vinegar
225g Soft Brown Sugar
4 Halves of Celery Sticks
3 Hot Green Chilli’s

Firstly half and pit your Yellow Damsons and dice your onion.

Place the Yellow Damsons, chopped Onion and Star Anise into a suitably sized saucepan and pour over half the White wine vinegar. Bring the mix up to the boil and then simmer the mix for 30 minutes.

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Now chop your Celery and finely dice your Chilli’s and then add them to the pan with the remaining vinegar, the sugar. Bring the pan back to simmering point for a further 45 minutes or until the mixture is thick.

Decant into sterilised jars and get the lid on!! Done, don’t be tempted to try the Chutney for at least a month preferably longer as it will literally last years!

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